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Yahoo News: Chris Pratt Gets Criticized for Wearing “Don’t Tread on Me” T-Shirt

The liberal left’s thought police has done it again, this time targeting Marvel star Chris Pratt for wearing a t-shirt with the Gadsden-inspired saying “Don’t Tread on Me,” calling the phrase racist.

This forced controversy was so bad, that Yahoo woke up a day later and decided to change their original title “Chris Pratt criticized for ‘white supremacist’ T-shirt’.”

Though the original Gadsden flag has a notable non-racial history, becoming popular as a rallying cry for the Continental army during the Revolutionary War, the theme of the few twitter posts Yahoo found to fit there narrative included some upset lefties without a sense of history.

The issue isn’t as much with the people tweeting (though let’s be honest, they have their own set of things to deal with). It’s the idea that. This is journalism in 2019. Pick one random tweet and concoct some contrived story for the “woke” generation.

Typically, this is an attempt to snowball something into a full-fledged controversy, (*GASP*) but this one falls severely short…dear lord, I hope so. Otherwise, my favorite hat will become a symbol for white supremacy!

Let’s go ahead and give a Walk of Shame to Yahoo News, for putting a guy on blast who typically keeps to himself.

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