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HodgeTwins Blast NFL

Hodge Twins Blast NFL

If you have never seen the Hodge Twins either live or on Youtube, you need to. Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge, also known as the conservative twins on Youtube, are some of the funniest comedians you will ever see. I can only imagine hanging out with these guys for the day would be the funniest day ever.

No topic is off limits to them. For many years they have toured with their comedy show. Sometimes their language is a bit blue but necessary to get the point blank message across.When they came out as conservative, they lost a good portion of their former audience but have since gained back many more. Those who have left them and who are the most vocal of critics are blacks. Ironic that blacks would boycott the black twins for their views. We here at salute these brave men for voicing their opinions regardless of what others think.

They recently posted a video about the NFL announcing that they would play a Black National Anthem for the opening games of the next season. Yes you heard that right, the NFL plans on playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. The ironic part is that it is a christian church hymn and the NFL has forbidden any sort of religious emblems on jerseys or helmets over the years.

The Hodge Twins point that out as well as the fact that it is really a beautiful song about Abraham Lincolns birthday written by James Weldon Johnson. To continue the irony, the song was about……are you ready for it… was about a white republican president.

They also point out the hypocrisy of only playing it for the first week of the season. Why not play it the entire season?

But these hilarious comedians provide commentary that is more humorous than we can compete with so we will let you hear it directly from them.


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