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Another Hero Steps Up to Tell The Truth


Another Hero Steps Up to Tell The Truth


We have seen many people wake up over the last few years. We owe the movement to #walkaway and #blexit. They have grouped like minded people who have started to put 2 and 2 together and realize the democrats are not the party they tell people they are. They are the racists and they hold people down. It is right out of the playbook of Sal Alinsky who we have discussed before.

He believes that if you keep the people poor, they rely on government. If you keep them unarmed, they cant fend off tyrannical governments. If you deprive them of education, they become indoctrinated. However, brave souls are now questioning the democrat party and walking away.

This week, we feature a brave man who posted for the first time to social media. In his post, he sets the record straight. Rather than hear it from us, we here at will let you hear it directly from him. We will warn you, there are some f bombs but the overall message is clear. We salute this patriot.

Remember in November Patriots!


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