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Liberals Caught In Racism – A Telling Video

Liberals Caught In Racism – A Telling Video


Ami Horowitz exposes the left for who they really are. Condescending Racists. If you don’t believe me, watch his video. In it, he interviews liberals in heavily liberal areas of the U.S. In his exposes, he asks a series of questions and predictably they answer with typical stereotypes involving black people. Just a few are as follows: They are not tech savvy, they do not have ID’s, they do not have internet, they are unaware of locations to obtain proper ID’s, etc.

We believe once you watch this video, you will see a side of liberals that they want to deny or hide. The most telling part of this video is he interviews blacks on the responses that the liberals stated. I think it might help them wake up and #WalkAway from the democratic party that thinks so little of them.


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