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“I don’t know what Racism is!” – Lil Wayne

With so much in the media about America being racist, we at America Against Hollywood noticed a large number of African American voices are coming out against that very narrative. Little Wayne is one of those individuals who is making his voice heard. The mega rap star is pointing out the false narrative that BLM and liberal pandering celebrities, media and politicians who are trying to push on Americans.

Remember, the statistics do not match what they are saying. Please see our article on another rap star, Trina who is also in agreement. We break down a few surprising statistics in that article about the amount of unarmed African American men killed by police versus African American men killed by other African American Men. Please also think about how if we are such a racist country, why did we elect a black president twice, elect black senators and representatives over and over, help Oprah Winfrey rise to be one of the most successful black women of all time, hire a majority of black players to the NBA, NFL and other sports, go to movies in droves for black actors like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson or why is our music industry dominated by African Americans in almost all categories?


We are not going to write a lengthy article but rather we want you to hear the words directly from singer Little Wayne himself.


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